One of the main questions I get about how I've built my business social media channels to nearly 1 million fans is 'how can I do that too'?

First things first...get clear on WHY you want to get your message out into the world.

What is your real cause...what is your purpose (not money)...what is your calling...who are you anyway...?

Why should people care...

No, seriously, WHY should they?

Would you care about you if you weren't YOU?

Why...what makes you and your message magical?

And, another....come close...

Don't worry about how many followers you have and how long it's taking to get them. Share your message so powerfully that is MAKES people share it via social or just by telling someone about you.

When is the last time you ate at a restaurant and it was SO GOOD you just HAD to tell someone about it?

Well, how can you share your message in such a way that it makes people feel that same way?

When you find it, do it daily...


CREATE the life you want by taking action EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Kelly J